De fossilization of the gaze / Madonna del Parto

Barter Zone, Zone de Troc

05 Sep 2020 - 01 Nov 2020


Installation Barter Zone 2020 Berlin Biennale is a collective and human excavation carried out through multiple conversations with a sensitive team on the question of Restitution in a holistic, critical and poetic approach. In the continuity of my reflections on art and collective trauma, Barter Zone is a point of connection - "alive" in the space where the world casts its shadow to react, to question human and natural exploitation. It is the place where the economy of wisdom, the economy of maturity passes through the awareness of a rupture and the need to act against the systems of predation of natural, human and cultural resources. This place initiates an urgent and necessary dialogue on the process of restitution of African Cultural Entities by museums. The space speaks of a time when we need to reconsider our relationship to the living, to learn from the violence that dominant systems produce on the commercial, urban, capitalized, displaced, digitized bodies. How do institutions position themselves in the face of this violence of everyday life, yesterday and today? Everything is there, it's a fragment of the world. all the pieces of the installation are part of a care approach.


Thank you to the curatorial team for allowing this work to exist, thank you to the Berlin Biennale team for allowing this biennial to take place physically, thank you to the partners who want to engage in this essential quest.







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