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Published 01 March 2021 in Press

BXL UNIVERSEL II - multipli.city

The PROJECT: IN PRAXIS DECOLONIAL within the framework of BXL Universel II- Multipli.city is an invitation to students to collaborate and create an artistic and collective action on thetheme of the universal at the Central Electric.This project is part of the deconolonial process of education. It aims to reflect on how education can give an answer to the process of deconstruction of the concept of race(ideology that is part of the theories of races from the 16th century with slavery in asystem of domination).

'The students' voices speak of the times. They sing the universal between patience, hope and questioning. They draw the roads we will tread tomorrow. Please! take care of the young people! This is the voice that guided me in the in Praxis decolonial workshops conducted in Brussels for the Universel II - Multipli.city project. Together we started to explore the archive of the black code of 1685. Together we sketched the outlines of a Glissantian 'archipelic' world'.P.G

Thanks to ;
6th year students at APESA (preparatory workshops for higher artistic education) Brussels, teachers Fiolle Maïté, Berriche Nadia ,Damamme Simon , 7th year students at Institut Sainte Marie Saint Gilles Brussels, teachers Sarah Joris , Marandon Sebastien, the students of the Offene Schule Waldau/Kassel and their teacher Christoph Pfannkuck and Julia Martha Müller curator, Lydia Antoniou , with the support of the team of the power station, Patricia Baletti and Pleuger Laura workshop accompaniment, Missal Emma, Estelle Vandeweeghe, Tania Nasieslski, Carine Fol, Cornu-Sil Sabine, Ernourld Olivier, Salesse Pascale.

Profile Page (The Missing Link Dicolonisation Education By Mrs Smiling Stone )

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