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Published 23 January 2020 in Press

Philippe Vandenberg Foundation


Drawing in Practice is a research and workshop program set up by the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation in collaboration with four major art schools of Belgium: erg – École de recherche graphique, La Cambre, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts and KASK – School of Arts. The art program is organised in the context of the forthcoming solo exhibition Philippe Vandenberg: Molenbeek that will open in September 2020 in BOZAR, Brussels.

During the program students will engage on a theoretical and a practical level with the draughtmanship of Philippe Vandenberg. Through workshops in the vicinity of his work, they are encouraged to question the place their draughtsmanship occupies in their practice as an artist under the supervision of specialist on the work of Vandenberg and fellow artists.

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January 20-24, 2020

Studio Philippe Vandenberg

Vanderstichelenstraat 68A 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

La Cambre, Hôtel De Bodt Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 27/29 1000 Brussels


erg – École de recherche graphique (Brussels) KASK – School of Arts (Ghent)
La Cambre (Brussels)
Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp)

Philippe Vandenberg Foundation


Presentation: Pélagie Gbaguidi (among all readers)

Theme: Introduction to her drawing practice in relation to that of Vandenberg

'When the line is the inhabited shadow'

I realized the need to talk about my own visions, experiences, my journey as a witness and to share it as a material. The idea is to make the trauma visible and to work on its acceptance. I am in a process of transforming toxic material into drawn, sung (poetry), painted and ritualised writing.

The drawing belongs to a very rich semantics, but the energy that is deployed there escapes all physical laws. Thus, absence leaves traces.
Each drawing is a celebration that has escaped the trauma, a small victory over the psychological horror of time.

Pélagie Gbaguidi

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