Detox, De-Alienation Of The Object Body

Détox, désaliénation du corps objet I

Reflection: drawings made after my archival consultations at the Apartheid Museum and Drum Magazine in Johannesburg in 2016.
I would like these images to contribute to the liberation of women's oppression

Détox, désaliénation du corps objet II

I started working with a series of notebooks on the next step on dicolonization / education, a way of thinking about what teaching teaches. There, the idea is a proposal for a notebook without text, with only one title. Then everyone can have the chance to interpret and discuss. Here is Detox (Object of the Body Divantion, Part II), I chose the crab metaphor. The crooked walk is a personal movement (like a dance) that defends itself at the same time. This walk allows from a point of view of the artist to imagine that of submission (from the knee to the ground in reference to the very shocking scene of the arrest of the young people of Mantes-la-Jolie, December 6, 2018) in passing Crab dance, one gets up to regain a graceful dignity.

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