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The impossible Act _CAAM Las Palmas De Canaria_ Iris DE Lucy_Pélagie Gbaguidi

Deleted & Renamed
'The cradle of humankind'
: Production of gesture's resilience

In Deleted & Renamed proposal the problem is an attempt to sketch a timeline where the theme of violence directed or generated on the African continent becomes a material for trying to understand collective trauma.

In the collective imagination, the idea of the cradle of humanity could evoke a certain romantic idea where Africa would have sheltered the ancestors of the human species.

Scientific proofs are formal, but behind the image of a fantasized Africa, the West has for a long time participated in producing a certain violence in the relations it has established on the continent throughout history.

Today this kind of violence continues through the exploitation of resources, or all kinds of predations that impact on the geopolitical, social relations and the look that the western looks at the Africans.

How to become aware of this production of tacit violence?

The idea of the project is a performative painting. It is composed of a corpus of wall drawings giving space for reflection to the public and the possibility of participating through a gesture, that of erasing its relation to the conflict, the management of an individual or collective violence.

Thus the idea of opening a space of dialogue or resilience on the theme of postcolony / decolonization in a public sphere helps to break the productions of ideas received in recrudescence and to emerge from the confinement of prejudices.

Ex Walter D.Mignolo « we want knowledge that contributes to eliminating coloniality and improves living conditions on the planet. For example : one hegemonic political concern is to fight against poverty. Research is done to help decide how poverty can be reduced. But there is no research done is to explain why we are poverty in the world » Local Histories/Global Designs.

Delete and Renamed are part of this long process of reconsidering the African continent as Terre d'Asile as a supplier of raw resources in the world. Hence this work of awareness about our own violence and the global resilience needed.

The painting is composed ; the cradle's allegory (indelible marker)continuum of violence

About The impossible act
"I would like to invite people who would like to be part of the gesture to ‘ delete’ the drawing even they were made with indelible markers with soap".

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