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The sysmograph

Genesis act1 : residency civietalla ranieri Foundation oct 2018

Do you hear the lament of the trees?
everything seems to vibrate with a pure, deep acuity... I hear the grumbling of the honduras migrants who climb the walls that stand up to them, I see "the Madonnas" Renaissance paintings, with their babies on their backs swelled the ranks of the "me too" marches, which flooded all feminist voices, I mean the great powerful institutions of monotheistic religions fight for the podium of the first place and all the populist voices that stand against the minorities of all the groups

like a pamplet;

Are you a resilient person?
what does it mean
The capacity to experiment something and to share it as a gift to someone.
this can contribute for the library of the world
not a pandora box but a tree of life
not the fruit of sin but a fruit to trasmit the best we have .
what does it mean if we do not have conscience of good, of the beauty, and of the justice...
Re-enchante the world!!!!!

Genesis act 2 : November/December 2018

( extract of a conversation)
Many views of the process of decolonial can be taked to respire others cloud ( i used

also ..morse script .., series of drawings when the words are missing when you found something so painful but you want to act that you are still alive and you love life...). All best,

©morse≈to create ≈other≈cloud ≈pelagiegbaguidi2018

The idea of the sysmograph came to me last year.
So preoccupied with looking for ways to communicate distress in situations of violence relayed by the media, I spontaneously began to write a Morse code with a red pen. The image of students kneeling, hands behind their backs, arrested during a demonstration in Mante la jolie last December, or the human tragedies experienced by the population displacements are all arlarming signs to be transcribed to stay awake.


Genesis act 3: March 2019

While listening to Yanik Lahens' masterful inaugural lesson, I discovered Frankétienne's spiralism. An itinerary movement that he initiated, particularly to resist the oppression of the Duvalier dictatorship regime.
I understood how much my search for writing in Morse code was an extension of a resilient quest. I offer my senses a fabric to soothe internal tensions. I seek a balance in the tangible.

If you really want to die start by keeping quiet. But if you want to live speaks

speaks louder than the crash of your body4. Frankétienne Ultravocal, p. 267.

Genesis act 4 : 10 May 2019 AoN Symposium on the occasion of the 58th Biennale di Venezia and in the framework of SAVVY Contemporary's Ultrasanity in collaboration with the Psychiatric Community of the Fondazione Emilia Bosis

Moved by the history of this island San Servolo, a place of convergence of sufferings linked to its past as a military hospital, then as a psychiatric hospital, I feel concerned by this memorable site. Similarly, in the museum's archives, certain vocabularies such as handcuffs, isolation, segregation, balance are part of a repertoire linked to systems of oppression known in the colonial period, among others.

In the extension of my research, I started to document the'historical trauma' between Africa and the rest of the world through the process of Le Code Noir (Research on the contextualization of articles of the Code Noir in the different places and situations in the contemporary era). I called them Landscapes; new visions of human geography.

My contribution in this special day of collective awakening will be to make visible as a sysmogram the non-visible areas of pain traces, to communicate them to you on a visible support #writing# morse# so that together we can connect to our own sensitive areas.

This posture will try to shed light on these questions; How we are regarding, observing, hearing the vertigo of the chaos? To link and unlink, like animated words, will accompany my gestures, my thoughts to create spaces of co-existence.

On a table with my pens during the conference, I will write this underground language and invite you to "probe the vibrations". Next to me, leaves will be made available. Writings, cut-outs (of shapes from the museum's objects) will be as many tools as we can use to interact.

The writings will be placed on the ground throughout the day creating an improvised mapping of our collective excavation.


Moved by energy, we will set out on a meditative walk in the museum, then in the park at the call of the trees with medicinal virtues that await us like messenger-healers.

Pélagie Gbaguidi

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