Un - Masking In The Plural

Biennial of Dakar 2018 "The Red Hour". The installation "Un-masking in the Plural" comes from a utopia. "Let us dream of an Xray of the world that would imply a stripping of our knowledge, of our spirituals and material ties. As naked as worms, our only salvation would reach a dead end: to invent other forms of coexistence. We are a chain of continuities. This banal platitude carries with the incandescence of our call for collective.Ritualizing this oscillation between the individual and the collective is a source of energy, an inspiration and at the same time, it  reveals of our 'incompleteness'.Hence the unfinished that arises from my dream. It results from a couple, history and fantasy. It improvises a dance, a release of the Masks. It urges us to take off our maks to create a purpose that is still believed possible.The installation integrates the different parts of the creative process, evoking aspects of the transformation of matter on the emotional, psychological and allegorical levels. The public is invited to stroll through the openings of the canvas/rite of passage/Un-masking.It can rethink itself through the group, reinvent itself as as the subject, look at itself through new conceptual grids.


Pélagie Gbaguidi

Traduction :

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