11th Berlin Biennale The crack begins within

05 October 2020


11th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art The Crack Begins Within


5 September - 1 November 2020


María Berríos, Renata Cervetto, Lisette Lagnado, Agustín Pérez Rubio


The missing ones




Drawer 1


Dust 2


Broken nose


Piece of self




I hurt


You hurt


Never mind we are muzzled


Only the invisible link will unbind us


For centuries they have failed to see


We dance the same steps


The pace repeats until firmament




There is but one rebound


That towards an unknown


What is restitution


A little truth upon the bone eaten away by shame


Hush these words are harsh


I know we must speak no more smother




that wrath may sway towards the cry of beauty


that staying shut on all fours may


sludge all disorder




In suspension


As the bare-faced comedy acts out the same




The world already wearied a thousand-fold


All children await a new day


All objects murmur the phrase


Resituate! With elegance like a peacock’s feather






They wait




For the rising day




Motionless in daytime


They wait asleep to be cradled by night




Pélagie Gbaguidi

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