Echo Museum , Body Archiv

24 October 2019

6th Biennale de Lubumbashi: Future Genealogies, Tales From The Equatorial Line  Artistic direction of Sandrine Colard (Belgium/USA) 24 October- 24 November 2019  

Echo museum - the archive body is an experimental and inclusive work. It is conceived as a material and immaterial receptacle for encounters, conversations, life stories, listening posture and exchanges. My residence in Lubumbashi is experienced as a situated mapping that aims to reflect on the problems discussed during the meetings throughout my stay.
In an urgent context of real and metaphorical air pollution, existential thrauma on bodies and modes of reaction, survival are a kind of spatialization of affected territories during geo-location (from here or elsewhere).
The installation reads like an architecture where different temporalities and moving narratives intersect.  The work is unfinished because it is perpetually nourished by conversations in progress, conversations moreover to keep us awake on the obvious challenges to be taken up. It raises a reflection based on the capitalist deregulation generated on the bodies.

Installation Weaving area Lubumbashi Museum

Buckets ( Kipushi), stones, safety glasses, anti-pollution printed fabric masks ( 150 of which 50 were distributed at the Munua quarry, another distribution action planned later) design Pelagie Gbaguidi textile designer Nila Banguna 3 canvases ;
International Call' cotton 1x2m acrylic and embroidery (women Malaika Foundation)'Something is wrong' cotton 1x2m acrylic and embroidery (women Malaika Foundation) ' Space-body' acrylic on tarp (tarp bartered at Lubumbashi market).
Udji Kinge relates the experience of careers that reveals the psychological spaces affected by social and political situations. The performances testify to the survivors captured in the greatest humility.

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