The Parliament Of Bodies: Black Athena Reloaded 2: A Trial Of The Code Noir

17 June 2017

“Le Code Noir”: the forgotten piece from History

My contribution to this debate will be constructed around the reading of poem’s text inspired from my different experiences with this archive, of a historical importance.

The thoughts delivered will highlight the urgency to break the silence: Power and Sacredness (Taboo); confrontations to the archive (thoughts about the modern foundations of racial ideology, about discrimination, and about human trafficking); contextual approach of “ Le Code Noir” in the contemporary era (xenophobia, economic overpower, dehumanisation); Art Action (looking for experimental perspectives with the public to repair the faults together and progress in a world here everyone can prosper). Concerning Art Action, I went through different archives where I extracted one side of history we rarely see. My intention is to open up the historical archives and share the information with the audience. I want to give a sense of self-awareness to the public because the topics I will approach affect all of us.

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